dxDAO dapp store

I want to start working on a project for hosting popular dapps under a dappName.dxDAO.eth subdomains.
Maybe even host a dxDAO dapp store directing to all dxDAO hosted dapps.

I also want to explore the option to add a very small fee that users will pay directly to dxDAO treasury. I think it’s reasonable for ppl to pay for access to a trusted and reputable frontend to dapps.
This can be in the future an income stream to the dxDAO that leverages it’s brand and uncensorable nature and captures network effect.
We might come up with some guidelines for a dapp to be eligible to be added to the dxDAO dapp store that is aligned with our values. Eg purpose of the app, contract security etc.

For example Bancor (not my favorite project) is banning US IPs. We can host it and open access to everyone.

I think there is a lot of room to develop this idea and a lot of work to execute on it.
I’d love to hear thoughts about the concept, design, technicalities or basically anything


I’d love to see a list of dApps for the dxDAO to selectively start maintaining!

One of the original goals was for it to control multiple DeFi related protocols and I think this initiative has some real legs.

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Yeah I totally agree.

I believe a very good first learning experience would be to actually host a 0x Instant and collected fees to the DAO on (instant.dxdao.eth)


With just a few lines of code, you can earn up to 5% in affiliate fees on every transaction from your crypto wallet or dApp.

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Cool idea!
If I understand correctly the fee is already built in?
I guess it could be a good fit to start with as it reduces complexity.
I think slow.trade and fair.dex are also in the top of our list

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yeah, at least the logic already build so we would just need to configure the fees.

another example of an ENS directory: http://almonit.club/ It is poorly maintained because a lot of websites are down. We could host a website with all ETH/IPFS hosted websites. :slight_smile:

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This is a great idea. Also sounds like a way to get 0x involved with the dxDAO – I totally think they could be collaborators given the mission alignment (DEXs need DAOs!)