DXdao Contributor stipend and Event budget [Draft Proposal]

After the Refocus and Restructure proposal passed, DXdao committed to creating stricter event spending parameters and limiting the overall event budget to 150k.

Below outlines a draft proposal for event spending and guidelines for contributor stipends in the upcoming year.


Contributor Stipend + Event budget allocations:

  • 100k - Contributor event stipend
    • $4,000 annually per full time contributor (based on an expected contributor count of ~25 )
  • 30k - DXdao offsite
  • 20k - DXdao conference or event sponsorships

100k - Contributor event stipend

DXdao encourages their contributors to attend conferences throughout the year as they are highly beneficial. Conferences help to promote professional contributor growth, provide an opportunity for product exposure, and allow for networking. Thus, we provide an individual stipend to DXdao contributors who are interested in participating in them. Contributor event stipends will be allocated based on the following criteria:

  • % of time contributing to DXdao
    • All contributors are eligible for a stipend. The stipend amount is determined by the % commitment to DXdao
    • For example: 80% contribution time - $3,200 annually
  • All conference stipends must be reviewed and approved ahead of time by the ContributorX
  • The event stipend distribution will be handled individually by guilds
  • In addition, if a contributor represents DXdao and hosts a talk, panel discussion or workshop, they are eligible for an additional stipend beyond their individual annual event stipend

$30k - DXdao offsite

In line with the DXevents proposal that passed last year, we propose to continue our annual DXretreat in 2023 and request 30k for funding this offsite, (both previous off site allocations were for 30k.) The ContributorX will be responsible for the coordination and execution of the 2023 offsite. See here for further information on the 2021 DXretreat and 2022 DXretreat .

$20k - Conference or event sponsorships

We are proposing to allocate 20k towards potential DXdao conference or event sponsorships. The specifics of these sponsorships have not been confirmed yet by DXdao. Further details will be provided in standalone proposals for each sponsorship during the year.


What about having x2 dxdao offsite? I think it would be very helpful to have a technical offsite too. Focused more on the technical development of our products and maybe just for developers/technical members.

We are 4 contributors in Argentina and 4-5 in Portugal, we are only one flight away from each other in not expensive countries.

Organizing a technical retreat/offiste for a week in Argentina or Portugal for 10-15 people it would cost around 30k-50k USD. Cant we add it to the budget? at least as an option and we revisit it in two months to see if we can organize something :slight_smile:


To clarify, because we currently have 6-month budgets for Guilds, this Contributor event stipend will be available as $2,000 per 6-months, per contributor. Those that claim their stipend in H1, are eligible to claim the remaining $2,000 once their H2 Guild budget has passed. Stipend amounts will vary based on the guidelines outlined above.