DXdao Contributor REP Claim Guide 2023


The following guidelines outline a temporary way for DXdao contributors to claim their earned DXdao REP now that we have transitioned to Guilds. Each contributor will be individually responsible for claiming their DXdao REP.

The Process

  1. All full-time contributors are still eligible to earn up to 0.1667% per month REP from DXdao. % of REP earned is affected by the contributor’s time commitment
  2. The proposal to claim their DXdao REP should be done in each contributor’s individual guild/s in the same contributor payment proposal
  3. ContributorX will publish the individual REP award amounts every month on DAOtalk
  4. Contributors can claim their DXdao REP in either 3 or 6-month proposals on Mainnet after posting the REP issuance in DAOtalk (linking to individual worker proposals for guilds)
  5. Only after the REP claim is made on Mainnet should it then be synced on Gnosis Chain

Additional Information

This is a temporary process to claim REP until we are able to execute batch REP proposals. At the end of each month, ContributorX will create a post in the forum detailing each contributor’s REP percentages as well as their calculated REP (using mainnet REP number from the first of given month). If you need additional support with creating your REP proposals or figuring out your REP numbers please reach out to ContributorX.

January - March Contributor REP 2023

Here you can find a link to the first few months of REP calculations for each contributor for 2023. For questions, please contact ContributorX.