DXdao Contributor Feedback Review Survey

Hello everyone! This is a proposal to begin implementing the DXdao Contributor Feedback Review, which if accepted I am hoping will take place before the end of the year! The Feedback Review is a survey for current DXdao contributors to have the opportunity to provide each other ‘Peer Reviews’ on the basis of giving constructive feedback of each other’s contributions to DXdao. Contributions may include deliverables, collaborations with fellow contributors, community participation, and so forth.

The Process

Reviews will be conducted between current squad members at DXdao. If you are a member of more than one squad, you will have the option to be a reviewer and reviewee for each squad you contribute to. Each contributor will receive at least 2 reviews and be responsible for completing 2 reviews for other contributors.


  • You will have 1 week to complete the reviews

The Review

  • There will be two sections within the review:
    • Section 1: Likert Scale
      • Examples of statements on the Likert Scale:
        • ‘This contributor is well focused and motivated.’
        • This contributor is organized and productive.’
        • ‘This contributor produces quality deliverables.’
        • ‘This contributor has good time-management skills.’
    • Section 2: Written
      • This section will ask contributors to write a more personalized message for the person they are reviewing; examples of what to write may include something you think they did well (a deliverable), something you appreciate about them (their work ethic), or constructive feedback (something they need to work on).

The review will most likely be formatted as an online survey (most likely Typeform), in which the data will be automatically submitted and collected for the Contributor UX squad to then distribute back to the appropriate reviewee. The reviews will not be anonymous: you will know who you are reviewing, and they will know you have reviewed them. Of course, there will be options for further discussion of the feedback you receive, with members of the Contributor UX Squad and/or the contributor who gave you the feedback, as long as discussions remain respectful and constructive.

Please, feel free to leave any comments about what you think about this review, any additions or ideas you may have, or any concerns. Thanks!


I like this initiative, excited to see this pan out and hope we can get some constructive feedback from it.

Having done some things like that in the past it sometimes is hard to give and receive “to improve” feedback. I hope that the DXretreat and everyone meeting each other will help a bit.


This is an important step in establishing processes that enable the DXdao collective to scale and be an effective organization. Looking forward to the rollout and to the DXdao community pioneering the future of work.

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