DXdao community <> Hats.finance collaboration - Depositing DXD into the vault

Happy new year!

This is a proposal to move forward with the DXdao community <> Hats collaboration, to the next step after passing the collaboration proposal. and the deployment of the DXdao vault on Hats dApp.

  • Deposit of 790 DXD (roughly $500,000). We believe this is a sufficient sum to attract developers, auditors, and hackers to check the DXdao smart contracts.

  • The deposit will incentivize responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities for the Dxdao contracts and products. At any point, the dxdao community/governance can decide to withdraw the DXD from the vault.

  • This proposal will be on the contribution reward and not the generic scheme. Funds will be sent to the Committee multisig and deposited into the vault. This is because of the delayed withdrawal mechanism Hats implemented, which will cause issues to do directly from the DAO. This should be solved at a later stage.

Once Hats PPM (Protocol Protection Mining) program is live, the deposits into the DXD vault will also automatically farm Hats tokens in return for protecting the DXdao protocol. This provides additional upside to dxdao and its community members who participate in the protection mining.

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Thanks for bringing this back up @sombrero

I believe DXdao should commit DXD to the Hats Vault. We just saw a giant project saved by a bug bounty system.

I believe DXdao should have a bug bounty system in place as a best-in-class practice by a DAO.