DXdao Community Call [2022-03-31]

Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2022

UTC Time: 15:00

Meeting link : DXdao Discord

DXdao Meeting Schedule : https://dxdocs.eth.link/docs/Meetings/

This call will be held in Discord! Look under “Voice channels” for the 🛸│The Mothership channel. The channel will use 🛸│the-mothership-text for any text chatter.

Open Community Discussion

The agenda this week includes:

  • Recaps - Swapr, Governance, Treasury
  • COW launch farming on Swapr
  • AGVE auction to recapitalize Agave protocol
  • EthDenver virtual BUIDLathon conclusion
  • Open Questions

In attendance will be many DXdao contributors including Squad heads for all of DXdao’s products and teams. The call will be recorded and posted in this thread once uploaded to the DXdao Youtube channel.


Video recording: DXdao Community Call [2022-03-31] (audio) - YouTube