DXdao Community Call, 2022-03-24

Welcome to the Weekly DXdao Community call!

Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2022

UTC Time: 16:00

Meeting link: DXdao Discord

DXdao Meeting Schedule : Weekly Meetings | DXdocs

This call will be held in Discord! Look under “Voice channels” for the :flying_saucer:│The Mothership channel. The channel will use :flying_saucer:│the-mothership-text for any text chatter.

Open Community Discussion

The agenda this week includes:

  • Swapr v11.1 update, and Swapr v12 release.

  • COW liquidity mining update.

DXdao will be hosting the following guests:

  • @TheThriller (Adam Miller) will be joining us to talk about DAO legal entities and miDAO /Marshall Islands etc.
  • CowDAO community members: pending confirmation

In attendance will be many DXdao contributors including Squad heads for all of DXdao’s products and teams.