DXdao Community Call [2021-07-29]

Another Thursday, another DXdao Community Call! This call, held every other Thursday following the “Recap” calls, aims to allow open discussion surrounding major topics in the community.

Date: Thursday, July 29th, 2021
UTC Time: 15:00
Discord Meeting link : DXdao Discord
DXdao Meeting Schedule : Meetings

This call will be held in Discord! Look under “Voice channels” for the 🏠│town-hall channel. The channel will use 🏠│town-hall-text for any text chatter.

Open Community Discussion

The agenda this week includes:

  • ETHCC recap/learnings
  • Censoring Tokens in Front-ends: Uniswap ban / Better to use front-ends owned by a DAO?
  • DXvote & Gov 2.0 update
  • Open Questions

In attendance will be many DXdao contributors including Squad heads for all of DXdao’s products and teams. Once the recording is available on Youtube, this thread will be updated.

There will likely be no POAP because there were SO many in Paris. The POAP machine is run down and needs a rest.