DXdao Community Call #2

The DXdao Community Call “relaunched” on November 10th, 2022. This aims to create an environment with more fun and less stress. Want some more context? Read here.

This week the community will be missing many that choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, particularly the United States. As such, we will have a more lighthearted, shorter, and open call. As usual, there will be a POAP!

poap (1)

Date: Thursday, November 24th, 2022

UTC Time: 16:00

Meeting link: DXdao

This call will be held in Discord! Look under “Voice channels” for the 🛸│The Mothership channel. The channel will use 🛸│the-mothership-text for any text chatter.

Join us for some fun conversations:

  • Relaunch? What happened again?
  • FTX – Aftermath and Contagion
  • SWPR Emissions Update and Next Steps
  • DXD Token Model
  • The start of Phase 3
  • Community imaging time!