DXdao Communication Channels discussion

DXdao is an online-being. It relies on many different communication channels to coordinate. From Jitsi, to the forum to Keybase. Most of these have emerged organically and I think it might be time to reogranize and maybe put some structure around the communication channels?

Some ideas to consider:

  • A new forum on a more decentralized version on .eth.limo. This could also involve a reogranization of the categories so discussions are sorted better. Not sure if this affects things with Orbis, but even just being on our own Discourse (this is DAOstacks)
  • Leaving Keybase. Keybase is secure but it hasn’t seen much development in the last two years. This would obviously be a big switch, but perhaps an opportunity to move to something more decentralized like Matrix?
  • Formal processes for “Official private channels” - there are several private keybase channels used for communication. One for all full-time contributors that is used heavily, as well as a private channel for most squads. If these are to continue, we should formalize a structure around managing them, lest it leads to confusion and miscommunication.
  • Calls - clarifying who hosts them, what is expected, when they occur. This information could live on dxdocs.eth.limo. Having these clearly laid out could be helpful.

Just some initial ideas. Some are big, some are small. After some discussion, I will put some polls in here to see if there’s anything that we could work on.


Regarding a forum this will be the perfect way for DXdao to dogfood and learn from the forum being built into DAVI via orbis.
It will be decentralised, integrated tightly with governance and most importantly we will own it and so can choose what to develop.

(Bonus points for the improvements we make impacting all DAOs in DXdao’s ecosystems)


A few comments / thoughts / ideas.

  • A new forum
    Big ++ to moving towards our own forum, I’m currently maintaining DAOtalk with monthly backups, which is really a bandaid solution. There have been instances in the past where it went offline, and I think the future is close where DAOstack decides to stop maintaining / paying for it.
    Using Orbis via Davi would be an amazing progress here, and like @ross said, dogfooding our products!

  • Main DXDao chat
    is something that has been brought many times, the general ‘ecosystem’ is de facto using discord, and while we have a discord (personally I hate it), I believe the consensus was that it doesn’t fully fit with DXdao values.
    My take here is that we have one shot at replacing it, we either do it towards a something new (matrix or other) or wait for the web3 native version (there are several candidates out there already)

  • “official private channels”
    In general I think we should get used to using public channels and avoid private channels unless it absolutely necessary. Right now most communication is in private chats because of habits.
    if we use a native web3 platform we could probably limit access to DXD / Rep holders, which would be semi public and imo the best outcome.

  • Calls
    100% agree
    We need to figure out the goal / agenda of each call. I would also suggest shortening them as after 1h people usually lose focus