DXdao Call Schedule

The Phase 1 Restructuring proposal signaled a new approach to calls should be taken, and next week is Daylight Savings Time so it’s a good time for us to revisit the DXdao public call schedule.

For a long time, the DXdao call schedule has been simple: every week day at 15:00 UTC (or 16:00 UTC during DST) and then all squads have a public weekly check-in call… The daily checkin was important when squads were small and all initiatives took coordination from almost all contributors. Now, squads and contributors are more specialized and most public communication is about updating the community on squad progress or new initiatives for feedback.

I also know that personally I am trying to decrease the number of meetings I attend a week. Sometimes just watching the video or reading notes is enough.

While we may move away from weekly meetings, I hope we have more irregular meetings and monthly/quarterly meetings around a specific topic. This will require more coordination and scheduling - perhaps we need to have a new calendar tool or something?

Anyway, briefly discussing this on today’s governance call and wanted to create this thread for others to discuss. Maybe there is a standard format for calls that we want to follow?