DXdao Business Development & External Relations Proposal **Draft**

I propose I manage the following deliverables on a monthly basis:

DXdao Brand
Manage Social Media (Twitter, Telegram)
Run Weekly Business Development Call
Manage Bounty Billboard
DXdao Governance Content/Updates
Initiate Governance as a Service Engagement with PlotX and all inbound leads
Assist with Governance Infrastructure and DXD Investor Relations

Manage Social Media (Twitter, Telegram)
Assist with user acquisition and user feedback
Assist Gnosis with the visual content script
Written content and updates

Manage Social Media (Twitter, Telegram)
Manage IDO lead list
Assist with launch of Aluna and Razor IDOs and transition to DXswap
Content Piece - What makes Mesa the Most Decentralized IDO platform

Manage Social Media (Create Telegram, Twitter until additional hire)
Manage IDO to Liquidity Pool transition for IDOs (namely Aluna Social and Razor)
Outreach to affiliated projects such as DMM/mStable for liquidity exodus from Uniswap
Content Piece - DXswap: Tackling Liquidity Strategy
Content Piece - DXswap vs Uniswap: A Governance Edge

Manage Social Media (Twitter until additional hire)
Write/Edit content piece - Introducing Rails
Influencer-Related Content


Manage Aluna Social product integration with DXswap and Mesa
Recruit additional hires for Community Management and Web3 development
Manage community/marketing hires’ responsibilities, from social media, user growth strategy, influencer relations, liquidity migration strategy, etc.
DAO Rush Week Council/Event presentations

$5000 in ETH per month, half upfront, half at end of engagement
$1000 in DXD per month with 2-month vesting, half upfront, half at the end of engagement
.125% REP per month, half after the first month, half at the end of engagement
Engagement length: 8 weeks

Commitment level 4 with Senior/Expert level proficiency

Worker Experience

Written Content - Medium.com/@ingamar
Previous Engagement Achievements
External Coverage - Blockchain Brad and DeFi Prime Interview on Omen

Feedback and help with the worker comp guidelines would be appreciated

Looks good but it would be better to have more precise information about the payment here, to avoid further problems and questions on the moment of paying. Have an exact engagement length, an absolute amount of REP, start time, cliff of the vesting, where would it take the dxd price? would it be from dxtrust?

Keep me in the loop here please :slight_smile:

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