DXdao Budget Review

Some work by the governance squad ( @Powers and @fluidDrop ) has been done to establish reporting on past expenses in this post. However, there is only a vague guess at what the runway secured in stable assets is. I have taken time this past week to review current staffing and expenditures and estimate what the current rate of spend is for DXdao.

There was solid work done by squad leaders @ross @0xVenky and @KeenanL laying the groundwork for this preliminary budget review. I’ll lay out the high level numbers I’ve estimated blow broken down into categories. I believe this needs further refinement and review, but wanted to get the conversation started because I feel the general direction and preparedness of DXdao are key to DXdao’s success.


33 people currently work with DXdao. This is inclusive of 5 part time contributors, and 4 SpaceInch contractors. This does not include the staff at auditing firms or other contractors utilized by DXdao.

Stable Assets

Mainnet Treasury: $8,667,000
Gnosis Chain Treasury: $1,129,000
Swapr Mainnet LPs: $373,500
Swapr Gnosis Chain LPs: $1,895,000

Total*: $12,074,500

*Note that stable assets in LP positions may vary based on the price of the asset they are paired with. As the price of ETH goes down, the number of stablecoins in DXdao LP positions decreases. ETH was around $1500 when these numbers were calculated.

Yearly Budget

Swapr: $942,000

Governance: $588,000

Carrot: $108,000

General Product (including QA and Auditing): $876,000

DXvoice: $480,000

Other ( Governance, ContributorX, Bizdev, Events, etc. ): $943,200

Total: $3,945,200

3.06 years of stablecoin runway