DXdao Budget Feb 2021 update

During last week’s Resource Coordination meeting, we presented a current and forward-looking budget across DXdao. Based on feedback, I’ve made a few more edits and wanted to provide an update here in the forum.

This spreadsheet has all of the information. Comments are on for corrections and suggestions

Costs are divided into 6 subgroups or ‘Squads’

Remember the colors! They continue. Budget inputs come from three sources 1. Current Contributors 2. Expenditures 3. Future Contributors

Current Contributors

Note: This is constantly changing, so may be out of date soon. Adding some of the part-time contributors together, there are ~20 full-time contributors to DXdao. Also for budget purposes, some worker costs are split across squads.


DXdao has lower overhead than most organizations, but there are still a lot of non-fulltime worker expenses, particularly as we get some dev/design contractor help. The list below projects those and when/how often the expense is incurred.

Future Contributors

Projecting out needs and holes and where DXdao expects to grow

Added all together, this is what a month of recurring costs looks like:

Squad Monthly $
Omen $39,800
Mesa $39,600
Swapr $34,600
Governance $27,250
Biz Dev/Marketing/community $21,646
Ecosystem & Product Development $24,825

And then projecting this out over the next 6 months:

Breaking it down by cost type
Based on comments in the call, I increased Marketing costs but this still is a little low. Perhaps it can increase when the products mature but we’re not spending much now.

Note: these charts above do not include DXD expenses, check the spreadsheet for more information.

Looking ahead, this is what we should budget for:

Monthly budget forward looking
Next 6 months $$$ $1,433,256
Next 18 months $$$ $4,657,908
Next 6 months DXD $802,180
Next 18 months DXD $2,788,540
Next 6 months DXD amount 1,534
Next 18 months DXD 5,332

This is a pretty aggressive roll out but also would fund a team of 35 full time and at least 3 products (not counting Governance).

Thoughts/comments appreciated. I hope to do these at least once a quarter and will update the next one to include past expenses.

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