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Entrecasa is a boutique design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We specialize in branding, web design, and editorial design. We also work with the collaboration of other creatives, depending on the project’s needs.

The studio exists since 2009, and we’ve been in the blockchain industry since 2017. We collaborate in several crypto projects such as Hardhat, Nomic Labs, API3, ChainAPI, Zeppelin, Zippie, Decentraland, Sprawl, and others.

We are looking to build a brand identity for DXdao to consistently and uniquely communicate the project’s ethos. As we deeply understand collaborative work’s value, we believe that teamwork is the key to achieving compelling results. To get to this proposal, we’ve been working alongside Keenan Luke and Zett.

Project Description

Design a logo with a brand identity for DXdao and its website design and development.

Brand Identity

A. Logo Design

Presentation of the first logo proposals based on different concepts and the material worked on in previous instances. After this delivery, the necessary correction instances will be considered until reaching the logo.
Estimated Times: twelve (12) business days for the delivery of the first design proposals.

B. Basic Brand Style-guide

Once the logo is defined, a basic style-guide will be generated, delivered together with the final logo files. This will serve as a guideline to communicate the project’s image consistently in the various media:
· Use of the logo identity.
· Color variations.
· Typography.
· Look & Feel: Promotional material, social media profiles, use of images.
Estimated Times: fifteen (15) business days after logo design approval


Current sitemap:

  • Home
  • Learn
    • Manifesto
    • Worker Compensation
    • FAQ
  • Contribute
    • DXdao (external link)
    • Omen (external link)
    • Swapr (external link)
    • Bounties (external link)
    • Codebase

A. Website Design

Design of a new website. We’ll work first as a sketch until approving the design. Once the main screens are approved, the remaining screens will be generated, considering their correct visualization in screen resolutions for desktop and mobile devices.
Estimated Times: twelve (12) business days to deliver the first design proposals after the branding stage. Once the design is approved, eight (8) business days to create the site’s remaining screens. Once all screens have been approved, three (3) business days for optimization and generation of deliverable files for development.

B. Technological Front-end development

· Technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
· Responsive Web Design.
· Cross Browsing (correct visualization on main browsers).
Estimated Times: fifteen (15) business days after the website design approval.


Option A (logo design not included)

Brand identity with basic style-guide = US$ 3.500
Website Design & Development = US$ 5.000
Total = US$ 8.500

Option B (logo design included)

Logo + Brand identity w/ basic style-guide = US$ 5.000
Website Design & Development = US$ 5.000
Total = US$ 10.000


Two Payments:
· 50% of the total value at the budget’s approval.
· 50% of the total amount at the end of the project (for the site going live).
Payment method: USDC, DAI, ETH, or BTC.


The budget does not include content generation, content upload, data entry, photography, copywriting, complex illustrations (3d visuals, mascots concepts, animated graphics), technological development of applications, or website hosting service.

Delivery of material required policy
For organizational Entrecasa reserves the right to modify the date/s of delivery if the customer fails to provide the necessary equipment as agreed.

Delivery term
The delivery terms defined in the budget will start from the first business day following the payment of 50% of the value from the budget.

Changes in project requirements
Once the project has started, modifications to the original requirements will be analyzed separately. In case it affects the original work plan and complexity, it will imply an adjustment to the budget value and delivery times according to the requested change.

Design approval
It won’t be possible to request further changes to the design work once the client has signed off the final revision to advance into development (such as color palettes, fonts, background images, information architecture, etc.).

Project cancellation
If the client decides to terminate the project before the project’s full scope has been delivered, a payment proportional to the work that has been done will be requested.

Hosting service
The budget does not include the cost of the domain or hosting (web hosting).

Test period
Once the website is built and delivered, the client will be given 30 days for testing and bug reporting. Entrecasa will fix any mistakes in the programming found within this period. After the testing phase, a new budget will be agreed on if any further issues arise.

Entrecasa’ portfolio
Entrecasa may request permission to use the produced material for portfolio showcase purposes.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but we need a landing page for each of our products ASAP and there should be a design language and UX that connects them all. Would this DXdao website be delivered in a way that could easily be ported in-house to the other products and would the license allow us to do so?

Or should we talk about a plan that addresses further collaboration for the product websites as well? Would like this work to be in tandem with all product landing pages.

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We talk a little bit about this proposal in today’s meeting. We also discussed your comment.

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