DXdao - Bounty Proposal - Marketing X Content - Mike_Eli

Hi all,

After consulting with Ingamar, I decided that it might be a good idea to post a bounty for some upcoming tasks I would like to get started on.

Below I have outlined both tasks I have completed for context on my work so far with DXdao, alongside the upcoming tasks I will be proposing.

I am open to feedback on all fronts.

Completed Tasks:

Upcoming Tasks:

  • DXswap introductory animation
  • DXswap listing animation
  • Rails explainer/demo video & animation

Compensation: 1.25 ETH (Anticipating approx. 10-12 hours of work for planning + animating) + a reasonable amount of REP (open to feedback here).

My Ambitions with DXdao Moving Forward:

Beyond these initial bounties, I am looking to become more involved within the DXdao community. Essentially, I wanted to propose these bounties so the community could become more comfortable with me and my ability to execute on various tasks.

If I do end up proposing a fixed term engagement with DXdao, I would look to add value on the following areas:

Branding & Social Media

  • Driving both strategy and execution of brand growth activities for DXdao and products managed by the DXdao
  • Overseeing Twitter channels, and/or assisting with Twitter growth strategy


  • Creating engaging social media content
  • Creating collateral for the DXdao and all DXdao products

PR and Influencers

  • Securing more opportunities like Bankless
  • Building a PR rolodex and reaching out to various blogs/news platforms within the Ethereum community to get more exposure on articles written by Ingamar/Zoran.


  • Develop engaging content and material advertising that DXdao is a growing community
  • Create social campaigns for recruitment
  • Help with onboarding and directing people to relevant Keybase channels.

Who am I?

For context on my professional history, you can view more here.

TLDR Relevant Experience:

  • Commercial Lawyer for 2+ years. Experience advising crypto specific start ups.

  • Head of People, Operations and In House Counsel at HiSmile. HiSmile is the world’s largest oral cosmetic eCommerce business - worth over $200Million.

    • I ran strategy across most operational/marketing depts here. Company of 60+
    • Oversaw multi-million dollar influencer campaigns with Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, Connor Mcgregor, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many more.
  • CURRENT: Head of Growth Marketing & OTC at Independent Reserve, one of Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • CURRENT: Lead brand strategist and A&R for artist (my brother) - currently signed to Universal Music Group. His name is CVIRO.

Where am I?

Always in the DXD Keybase! You can find me ranting about ideas in #Marketing.

Looking forward to hearing feedback.


Hey @mike! Thanks for your proposal! It looks great! In regards to your REP compensation it might be similar to Proposal: Zoran's First dxDAO Bounty "Article - Introducing Rails.eth" . Looking forward to your on-chain proposal!

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