DXdao Bi-Annual Contributor Feedback Review Step-by-Step 2022

DXdao Bi-Annual Contributor Feedback Review Step-by-Step 2022

The Feedback Review is a survey for current DXdao contributors to provide each other with ‘Peer Reviews’ on the basis of giving constructive feedback of each other’s contributions to DXdao. Contributions may include deliverables, collaborations with fellow contributors, community participation, and so forth.

Please keep in mind you may need to take the survey more than once if you are delegated more than one contributor to review. The link to the survey can be found here. The survey is currently closed, however you are still able to access the link and take a look prior to when the survey opens.

The Process

Reviews will be conducted between current squad members at DXdao. Certain squads have been grouped together to minimize the amount of reviews each contributor has to write. Each contributor will receive at least 2 reviews. The reviews will not be anonymous: you will know who you are reviewing, and they will know you have reviewed them. You will be messaged privately on Keybase with information on the contributors you will be reviewing; please be sure to reply and confirm that you understand who you will be reviewing.


  • You will have 4 days to complete the reviews.
    • First Review: June 20th to 24th 2022
    • Second Review: December 5th to 9th 2022 (TBD)
  • Within the following week(s), once all survey data is collected, you will receive your reviews from the ContributorX Squad in a personal Keybase message.
  • You will then have the opportunity for further discussion of the feedback you receive, with members of the ContributorX Squad and/or the contributor who gave you the feedback, as long as discussions remain respectful and constructive.

The Review

  • There will be three sections within the review:
    • Section 1: Likert Scale
      • Examples of statements on the Likert Scale:
        • ‘This contributor is well focused and motivated.’
        • This contributor is organized and productive.’
        • ‘This contributor produces quality deliverables.’
    • Section 2: Written
      • This section will ask contributors to write a more personalized message for the person they are reviewing; examples of what to write may include something you think they did well (a deliverable), something you appreciate about them (their work ethic), or constructive feedback (something they need to work on).
    • Section 3: A Self Reflection
      • In this section you can feel free to create some short term and/or long term goals for yourself. These are goals you can look back at and see if you’ve accomplished them by the next review.


  1. On the Friday before the week of the review, you will receive a personal message on Keybase informing you of the Dxdao contributor(s) you will be reviewing. Please reply to confirm receipt of selected contributor(s) you will be reviewing for this survey.
  2. On Monday at 6am UTC, the Contributor Feedback Review Survey will open and be accessible until Friday at 6pm UTC. Please complete your reviews during this period. After this point, the review will be closed and you will need to contact @allyq on Keybase to re-open the survey.
  3. Within the following week(s), the relevant information will be utilized by the ContributorX Squad, and you will receive a personal message on Keybase informing you of your review results.

Thank you for participating in the Contributor Feedback Review!

Link to survey: DXdao Contributor Feedback Review Survey


Peer reviews are essential to the growth and improvement of our core contributors at DXdao. This review will provide the opportunity for our contributors to receive recognition for the valuable contributions they are making or to highlight any areas that may need more attention. Looking forward to the upcoming DXdao Contributor Review :slight_smile:


The second review for 2022 will be held from Monday December 5th to Friday December 9th. You will receive a message from me on the Friday before the review informing you of the contributors you will be reviewing! If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile: