DXdao attending the TheDAOist [Draft Proposal]

There have been ongoing discussions to get DXdao’s name and mission out into the world through live events. This started initially with the discussion of DXdao contributors attending ETHCC, which eventually culminated in an on-chain proposal dubbed “DXevents’’ that has since passed. Enter: The DAOist.

What is it?

TheDAOist is an in-person event following ETHCC in Paris which aims to celebrate DAOs, share ideas and learn from one another. The Event is being organized by DXdao friends Felipe and Luuk, and is notably the first and largest live DAO event since the pandemic began. 27 DAOs have already indicated their interest in attending, which you can find on the contribute page. The partnership proposal provides additional context:

“The DAOsphere needs it’s place to talk shop, coordinate and find a strong shared narrative that guarantees our sovereignty. Highlevel deal making, getting up to date on all developments and sharing delightful experiences that will feed the buidl for months to come - that’s what we want to provide.”

The Proposal

The goal of this draft proposal is to establish an agreement on terms and send the funds needed to obtain said privileges at the event (and support the DAO ecosystem). The Communications and Marketing squad has agreed that the “Sister DAO” package is most relevant to our use and for the potential quantity of attending members. Input is appreciated, you can find the specifics and context here.

After a brief discussion relative to the time sensitivity of the event, this will move to an on-chain proposal. This proposal will send 2,000 xDAI from xDXdao directly to “The DAOist Vault” on xDAI granting DXdao the “Sister DAO” Contribution Package. The Communications and Marketing squad is already preparing swag for DXdao contributors at both ETHCC and The DAOist, and will assist in preparation for any content/talks needed at the events.

It’s worth noting that the Communications and Marketing multi-sig accounts for events such as this and has been budgeted accordingly. Due to a recent mishap, the multi-sig is not currently funded and this proposal will have to move through the traditional governance process.


As events resume and excitement about DAOs pick up, it’s important for DXdao to be present. This is a great initiative in support of helping DAO enthusiasts to connect and drive the ecosystem forward.


I support this initiative and think it would be great to have a DXdao presence here as well!


Do we know who will be representing the DAO?

Yes, Sky will be speaking on behalf of DXdao. :slightly_smiling_face: