DXdao Annual Recaps for 2021

EthDenver is behind us and 2022 is well underway. There were so many amazing accomplishments for DXdao in 2021, and such ambitious goals for 2022, we felt an easy-to-read reference summary would be great to have.

DXvoice - The voice of DXdao

During 2021 “Communications and Marketing” underwent a metamorphosis and emerged as DXvoice! With a fresh new look and action plan, DXvoice brought to life DXdocs. DXvoice also unified branding for DXdao and all its products, going on to build a social juggernaut. The weekly community call exponentially increased community engagement and for fun, DXvoice added some POAPs to the mix.


DXvoice has ambitious plans for 2022. It aims to further expand DXdocs, making it a fully fledged reference library for all things DXdao. Additionally, it aims to promote DXdao as the number one DAO for decentralization.

DXgov - The development side of DXdao’s governance.

What started as Augusto’s passion project in late 2021 has now developed into a powerhouse team of fourteen full-time developers. DXgov is a hive of innovation and creation! With all the bugs ironed out in 2022, DXgov is powering ahead with Guilds in full production and the landmark Gov 2.0 short on its heels! DXgov plans to grow even further to meet the demands of the governance product delivery schedule.


In 2022, DXgov aims to release Guilds 1.0, port over this UX to DXvote and then deliver Gov 2.0, the number one goal for 2022! With these major releases on the calendar, 2022 will be nothing short of historical for DXgov and DXdao as a whole.

DXbiz - The Business hub of DXdao

In 2021, DXbiz went on a major expedition to the far corners of Web3. DXbiz brought home notable wins for both Swapr and Carrot. Swapr enjoyed integration with 1inch, BadgerDAO farming and more. Carrot was used by Agave to grow its lending protocol and is now being used as incentivization in the Atlantis World grant. But that is not all - awareness and interest in Gov 2.0 and Omen rises unabated and the market is itching for their release. DXdao’s governance is a major point of interest for other DAOs. They are eager to see if they can integrate this governance into their structures and organizations.

DXventures was established to seek out and support opportunities in DAO tooling and adoption. This will help DXdao gain access to the products it needs to remain true to decentralization as it continues to grow. DXventures exited conception in 2021 and joined the big leagues. It awarded four major grants to Opolis, Hats, Double and Atlantis World.


DXbiz plans to upscale in 2022 in order to capitalize on its growing reputation by solidifying existing opportunities and uncovering new ones. DXventures aims to continue supporting and investing in the DAO ecosystem and continue driving forward the mainstream adoption of DAOs in general, setting the stage on the market for Gov 2.0.

Governance - The decision center of DXdao // The Heart of DXdao

The complicated process of ensuring daily activities remain fluid and operational, while nurturing consensus on crucial initiatives, which have no governance precedent. To quote contributor Chris Powers: “Two big buckets for DXdao governance activity, 1. Keeping the Lights On 2. Reaching Consensus on Key Issues”.

With that in mind, Governance demonstrated significant success and scalability in 2022. Governance grew the treasury and Contributor X while passing almost 700 on-chain proposals, the three most significant being: Governance 2.0, shifting to multi-chain operations and the DXD buyback initiative. Governance’s operational efficiency is a testament to the achievability of on-chain decentralization and continues to impress and set the standard in the DAO space.


Governance has big aspirations for 2022. It is placing priority on: the DXD Tokenomics upgrade, increasing DXD liquidity, Arbitrum One base and the Gnosis Chain REP sync process in the first Quarter alone. 2022 looks to be another record breaking year for DXdao’s governance.

Swapr - Setting the standard for dapps

2021 was a whopper for Swapr! It had to be said. The Swapr team brought the Web3 utopia to life! They implemented farming, a DIY interface and the Swapr Eco Router. This was nothing short of fantastic for Swapr Fans! Users can now get assurance on the best prices for their trades and access numerous campaigns across a multitude of DEXs. All from within the Swapr dapp!

2352 unique addresses claimed the SWPR airdrop and today we have 2850 holders and counting. All of this culminated with the Swapr protocol breaching $70m in TVL alongside the Arbitrum launch.


Swapr shows no signs of slowing and is roaring into 2022! Already we have seen SWPR staking. The new landing page sets the standard for web3 dapps! Being directly in the dapp has shown that user experience does not have to be sacrificed for decentralization.

The road map presented by the Swapr team is nothing short of exciting and ambitious! The team plans to integrate Cowswap, Movr, 0x and Curve in the first quarter, with Connext following close behind in the second, and Balancer and Uniswap V3 in the third. If all goes according to plan, we should have SWPR and LP governance introduced in the second Quarter. There is so much more, but we left it out of this teaser, so head on over to the official article and catch the full road map there.