DXdao Alchemy Fork v0.10.10

Hola, today I updated the single dao alchemy fork that I presented a month ago

PR merging form upstream/master v0.10.10

NEW COOL FEATURE: Embedded landing-page from ipfs dxdao.eth content resolver as landing page, you will see the content of dxdao.eth.link as landing in the voting dapp.

NEW COOL FEATURE: Advanced call stack trace, see the data and value to be sent in internal transactions between schemes, controller and avatar.

Should we call it DXvote? If we call it DXvote maybe we can redirect the dxvote.eth content resolver to the voting dapp and use this dapp for voting too.


IPFS Deployment

Hope you like it! Let me know what do you think about using it for dxvote.eth domain :slight_smile:

This app hasn’t be reviewed and used in any production environment, used it at your own risk!

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