DXdao 5-Point Plan

The recent debate about the DXD bonding curve on DAOtalk and elsewhere has prompted many stakeholders in the DXdao ecosystem to seriously consider the existing system and how it may be improved.

Several stakeholders including myself have developed a draft proposal to pursue a 5-point plan. See the draft proposal here:


Rather than having the folks who have helped develop this document sign it, the idea is to let them and anyone in the community signal their support or feelings otherwise here on DAOtalk, with the idea that a formal REP vote via alchemy is the next step.

For those who may be getting up to speed on the conversation, I attempted to cover relevant context here: https://medium.com/@jpkcambridge/dxd-and-dxtrust-774eadfadf95


I’m down for all of this. We do need help assessing budgeting for workers as well as liquidity provision and I think that could be within the arena of expertise for the most active and vocal dxd holders.


Sounds like a plan!

We need to come up with a comprehensive, long-term solution for the bonding curve; it would be fantastic to have new community members and DXD holders lead the way on that front. I think there could be a huge opportunity to use the bonding curve buyback reserve as a large capital pool.

The other items are also important and look forward to tackling those that can be done right now and thinking strategically about what to build for the future.

This also serves as an explainer to anyone interested in DXdao and where they could contribute, especially potential contributors in the DAO & DeFi community who may bring perspective from other projects.


I agree that continual, critical analysis of all parts of DXdao is important, and the token mechanics of DXD is a high profile subject. Thanks to DXD holders and newer community participants, this awareness has been raised.
DXdao should importantly learn more about how different changes to the token design affect the token economics of DXD and, in turn, the DXdao ecosystem fully.
If we have a widely represented team diving deeper into this analysis, my hope is we will learn a lot and be positioned to make changes that are in the best longterm interests of the DAO and DXD holders.
I would like to contribute to this effort and help any way I can.


I really like all of these points and believe that serious thought around what the DXDao is, how it works, and What it wants to be are incredibly valuable at this point.

I’m curious what level of general transparent-ness there would be for the DXtrust research? It would be good to have at least milestone reviews so that community members can review the latest research and make sure that all sides feel like they are being represented.

It would be great if there were a way those of us who are more crypto weekend warriors can at least keep up to date without having to do real research/ attend mid-day meetings, etc.


I think this is a good idea. I would be very cautious of trying to do any sort of projections or think to far out into the future as to how this money is going to be spent. Not exactly a lot of well trodden ground for this type of venture ; especially when you consider how fast this industry moves. The famous mike tyson quip, is “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”

So this is a good start but it kinda seems like we are prioritizing spending the treasury rather than fixing how we raise money. In this regard, I see a lot of people who were very enthusiastic about keeping the status quo of the curve active in this thread which doesn’t necessarily engender a lot of confidence in fixing the curve, getting a great distribution of REP holders or maintaining a high DXD price as REP holders decide to pay themselves from funds out of the treasury.

I’d encourage you folks to read more about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teal_organisation to get better ideas about “planning” and the mgmt of the treasury.

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+1 for Point 1, 2 and 4.

point 1 is super important to make good point 3 decisions.

point 5: Gas costs and layer 1 scaling and signaling is a priority IMO. simple and efficient ERC20Guilds and a new VotingMachine with voting dapp should be enough.

point 3: I support the idea of a research team, but there are way more ideas and changes that can be implemented and researched than the ones listed there. I also think it should be lead internally from DXdao workers with help from external experienced and interested individuals and organizations. Then different paths and solutions should be presented to the REP holders and decide on which changes/features would be implemented on DXTrust.


Im in favor of making the bonding curve more responsive in general - as in the DAO will actively govern decisions related to the bonding curve, pausing, unpausing, another shape, etc.

As a DAO, we are like a living organism, we should not be static, and we should be reacting to outside environment, if someone did do an analysis that shows we have a significant ratio on the raised treasury vs current + estimated spending, compared to maybe other DAOs and companies, then I would be in favor to pause the curve, otherwise, we should keep fund raising.

I also believe linear curve that just sits there forever is unfavorable depending on the situations that arise because current bonding curve significantly suppresses the price directly via a ETH ratio, thus if ETH is down 20% in USD, every DXD holder also suffers a 20% draw down in USD, why should that be the case? also, I personally think a more steep curve general would be beneficial, but more discussion and data is probably needed, maybe ill work on some stuff later today to provide some data behind each argument.


@two_cheers this Teal organization paradigm is super cool. I feel it fits really well into what our community is looking to accomplish.
I don’t see too much detail and I am wondering how they approach incentivizing contributors and how we can pick up tactics from what has been learned. Any suggestions?

This analysis would be awesome, and help the decision making process.

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yeah i asked someone for their notes on teal orgs but they didnt keep any apparently. I can try and dig some stuff up this week :slight_smile:

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