DXD Trade Volume update Oct 10

A tri-weekly update on DXD trade volume and buyback. You can download the full data here . See the previous DXD triweekly update from 3 weeks ago.

ADTV continued to decline and the 3 month average dropped considerably, from $32k to $22k (a 32% decline). This was primarily due to some high volume days in early July no longer counting. There has been a small increase in the last couple weeks of volume. The slowdown in volume in mid to late September is likely because buyback orders slowed down due to issues with GPv1.

The increase in the last two weeks was from a rise in Uniswap v3 volume and ‘On-chain extra’, which is a large 1inch limit order. The Uni v3 volume was essentially a limit order too.

Will update buyback data later. Some missing orders from Gpv1 relayer that have now gone through.

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