DXD Trade Volume Biweekly update - Mar 9

Some updates on DXD trade volume and buyback. You can download the full data here. See last week’s DXD Biweekly update

The average 3 month ADTV increased ever so slightly to (0.2%) to $137,423 despite a huge increase in volume over the last two weeks. On-chain volume averaged $120k, compared to previous two weeks of $103k. The small increase in 3 month ADTV is because the recent activity is replacing days in November that had very high volume, which contributed to high ADTV at the time. You can see the hump at the end of November that is no longer contributing to the 3 month average.

Over the last two weeks DXD on-chain volume was split between:

  • Swapr (mainnet):5.9%
  • Swapr (Arbitrum): 55.3%
  • Swapr (GC) : 24.8%
  • Balancer 80/20 (mainnet): 3.9%
  • On-chain extra: 8.4%

DXD Buybacks:

Check out the full sheet for more

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