DXD Trade Volume Biweekly update - Jan 26

Some updates on DXD trade volume and buyback. You can download the full data here

DXD Volume

There was a considerable uptick in DXD volume over the last week, which coincided with overall volatile conditions in crypto markets. There were several large purchases through Airswap and a 1inch limit order, labled as “Off-chain extra”, which accounted for 37% of on-chain volume over the last month.

Over the last month, 50.8% of DXD volume went through Swapr, with Arbitrum One the largest at 23%, followed by xDai (15%) and mainnet (12.3%)

DXD Buybacks

The Buyback Program recently completed $5m of DXD purchases and is about to be extended for another $1m.

Check out the Google sheet for the latest.