[DXD Token WG meeting #3] DXD Token Models - Sep 29

Meeting date: Thursday, September 29, 2022
UTC Time: 13:30
Meeting Link: Jitsi Meet

Note new time at 13:30 UTC! This is to accommodate time zones for some DXD holders.

The first DXD Token WG call looked at the history of DXD and the second call last Thursday looked at other token models in the industry, specifically ones where a treasury contributes to a token’s value. Presentation slides and a video of the call can be found in the links above.

On the next call, we will apply some of these models to DXD while also discussing more short-term issues like DXD liquidity and brainstorm some treasury deployment ideas.


  • Recap
  • Getting closer to NAV
  • Introducing a new policy framework for token accrual
  • DXD Liquidity, cowswap and how to place orders for next $500k buybacks
  • Treasury management discussion

Any questions or anything to add, let me know


And presentation slides:

Schedule for limit orders

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 11.48.19 AM

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