DXD token | Improvements

Today 1 BTC = 73 DXD
If we continue to grow and will have more supporters, very soon we can even have 1 DXD = 1 BTC
Don’t you think this is bad for adoption ?

DXD is not elite and closed club, where we must have small supply.
On the contrary, one of DXD use cases is to be used wildly in Dxdao products,
where DXD must be comfy to use. Discount, Rewards, Payments and etc.

Don’t you think that it will be more comfy for average person to be able to get DXD for less than a cent and become part of our growing community and use it in Dxdao products ?
Not everyone own 1 BTC btw.

  1. Proposal :point_down:
    :sunny: Improvement: Swap DXD for new DXD 1: 1 0000

For supporters and investors more comfy to know that project have fixed supply and team will not print more and blur earlier supporters stakes.

  1. Proposal :point_down:
    :sunny: Improvement: DXD fixed supply

More fair for a Dxdao core team to think on how to add more use cases to DXD to grow it value, then mint more each month adding dxd to treasury for future “dump”. This is not really fair value grow btw.

  1. Proposal :point_down:
    :sunny: Improvement: Do not need to mint DXD each month.

After 3 improvements DXD Total Fixed Supply will be 246 450 000 DXD.
At the end, this is easy to be done and we will have same Market Cap.
This is good to be done as soon as possible, till DXD not widely integrated in crypto ecosystem.

Community will be grateful :heart:

very soon we can even have 1 DXD = 1 BTC

Define “very soon”

Holders look throw perspective.

How you can look at DXD possible future price and market cap using current price and do not scare your existing and future audience ? You do not have to scare anyone with price, supply, mint, use cases.

Today 1 BTC = 70 DXD MC $4 M
“Tomorrow” 1 BTC = 7 DXD MC $40 M
“Tomorrow” For 1 BTC you will get only 7 DXD !!!

if I see blocks I take It away for better wealth flow.
With fixed 246 450 000 DXD i can see throw perspective as DXD $246 450 000 mc.

There is 0 reasons to have small amount and big price.
My friend its clear that this price and this amount must be changed and it will be.

Better sooner, then later.

Am strongly for fixing the supply of DXD. I’m strongly against a token split. I think a high price for the token actually improves the perceived value of it - see YFI for instance.