DXD token idex listing

Can we get a listing to improve liquidity, uniswap has been to inconsistent with price recently.

A requirement for idex listing is token address has to be listed on website, other than that the rest is easy.

I’m to retarded to make a proposal so its up to you lads who are more clever than I


I think this is a good idea. However, could we directly disburse the tokens into the idex contract?

We probably will have to release as sizeable number of tokens + eth to provide liquidity, so doing it in a trustless manner would be beneficial

I support this. We need more liquid exchanges. Uniswap is illiquid and people talking trash about dxdao because of its low liquidity on dex’es.

Would it be possible to change sell prices to reflect the price on the token offering sight? How would we make sure the tokens we send to idex are sold at a reasonable price?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just ramp up the liquidity on uniswap, letting the dao hold the unv-2 tokens?

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