DXD Redemption Balancer Guidelines

Following questions from @ykplayer8, it has been suggested that more precise guidelines surrounding the use of a DXD Redemption Balancer (adaptation of a Member Balancer) are defined under the recently passed DXD Token Model, which commits to a 70% NAV floor price guarantee.

This proposal has been suggested to run alongside the pending DXD Redemption Balancer Proposal, such that it’s possible to gauge the voting action on each concurrently and not require the delay/impediment of the current pending proposal.

Guidelines for DXD Redemption Balancer

  • Anyone redeeming DXD can use this method.

  • Calculate NAV here (link to be discussed - there is the treasury dashboard that has been used in the past, but also another near completion by @Molotov which is much more user-friendly). Be careful that DXD circulating supply includes any DXD sent to treasury as part of Redemption Balancer if the payout hasn’t been completed yet. i.e. If you are sending your DXD to the DAO as part of a Redemption Balancer proposal, then you must include any DXD in the circulating supply that has been sent to the DAO address since the last executed Redemption Balancer proposal.

  • Use prices for assets in your NAV calculation at the time DXD was sent to the treasury.

  • Multiple redemptions may occur at the same time, but, as above, you can only benefit from already executed proposals. If there are buybacks, Redemption Balancer proposals, or any other proposals in a pending state, then you must assume that they will NOT pass when calculating your 70%NAV figure.

Thoughts & comments welcome before putting up a signal proposal tomorrow to give adequate time for things to run concurrently.



This proposal would bring benefits to all parties involved in DXD Redemption Balancers by providing clear guidelines for executing a Redemption Balancer and the necessary tools for verifying the accuracy of the proposal.

Specifically, DXD holders would be able to redeem their tokens with a 70% NAV floor price guarantee, and REP holders would have the ability to easily verify the circulating supply, NAV, and prices of the Redemption Balancer proposal.

To ensure clear and accurate Redemption Balancer proposals, I recommend that all proposals follow the guidelines provided on the DXdao Treasury Dashboard and include a screenshot of the information. The link to the dashboard is: DXdao Treasury Dashboard - Google Sheets

Example screenshot:


Proposal live.

Boosts in 24hrs


Proposal now boosted & ready for voting alongside the active DXD Balancer proposal

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