DXD Monetary Policy Committee Monthly - February 23 16:00 UTC

The recently passed Approve New DXD Token Model created a DXD Monetary Policy Committee to meet monthly and go over the execution of the DXD token model. Check out last month’s post for meeting notes, data and followup discussion.

The first meeting will be Thursday 2023-02-23T16:00:00Z and the call will take place here: Jitsi Meet .

You can add to your calendar here .


  • DXD Redemptor stats
  • DXD volume & liquidity
  • Liquidity weight Ratio & Treasury NAV makeup
  • Long-term tools

Any and all DXD holders are encouraged to attend. The call will be recorded and slides posted here afterwards.

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Great turnout for last Thursday’s call where we discussed:

  • Redemptor and buyback stats
  • On-chain volume (download)
  • Key learnings from 2 months of new token model

13 Member Redemption Balancers

  • 9398 DXD redeemed
  • 2872 ETH and $1,979,199.22 left treasury

1200 ETH and $30,000 in CowSwap Market buys @ 70% of NAV also went through during this time.

On-chain volume

Key learnings