DXD liquidity pool

We have set up the biggest DXD liquidity pool on the market. With almost 100k DXD in liquidity and growing :D. Our pool also currently has the lowest pool swap fees and slippage available at 0.1%. Please feel free to add your DXD holdings to the pool to earn passive income from fees and liquidity mining. We are currently the top liquidity lowest fee DXD pool out there, our pool liquidity and fees out performs uniswap and idex marginally please use balancer.exchange if you would like to buy and sell dxd.


Adding liquidity: when you add liquidity to the balancer pool you will earn passively from pool swap fees and also all liquidity providers will be rewarded in BAL tokens. To add liquidity to our pool you will need DXD and 2% eth. For example if you’re trying to add 100 dollars worth of DXD you will also need to add 2 dollars worth of eth.

Our pool is set at a 98% DXD to 2% ETH ratio.

  1. Go to https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0x00eeAeB30fdf71089B448aaE058bE9d039fe8901
  2. Connect Metamask
  3. Wrap the required amount of eth and add liquidity
  • current is around 160k liquidity provision.

Just a quick update 200k was reached currently balance is around 190k.


POTENTIAL BUG: https://twitter.com/ICOcountdown/status/1277414217302380545 COULD POSE A LARGE CYBER SECURITY RISK.