DXD claim and REP Sync

Between 5/21/2021 and 12/21/2021, I earned 40.839 vested DXD, according to calculations by ContributorUX (thanks Ally): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p7yv-stY2GDEX3-9dF1_kmsJdQ7t2DDh0SjgDK2_i-A/

The middle date between 5/21/2021 and 12/21/2021 is 9/5/2021, according to Median Date Calculator
So, I will be making a proposal to create a one year unvesting contract to begin on 9/5/2022 and unvest through 9/5/2023 for this amount of 40.839DXD.

Finally, I am long overdue on a REP Sync to sync my REP from xDai to Mainnet, which I’ll also create sometime in the near future.