DXD Buyback infra/services costs Q1 and Q2 2022

Below are the costs for running GPv1 off-chain services on Digital Ocean.

The DXD Buyback Program uses Gnosis Protocol v1 on Gnosis Chain. GPv1 requires external off-chain services to function:

  • A price estimator: finds a fill price for a pair from the order book.
  • A solver: finds a solution to a set of trades for maximum liquidity.

While Gnosis has officially stopped maintaining the above services, a few DXdao community members have been generously running mentioned services solvers in order to continue with the buyback. In October 2021, I deployed the services to a Digital Ocean, been maintaining them ever since:

  • January 2022: $13.78
  • February 2022: $23.59
  • March 2022: $13.86
  • April 2022: $16.80
  • May 2022: $25.26
  • June 2022: $25.26

Please reach out for the invoices, Iā€™m happy to share them.

In total, this proposal requests $118.55 in USD/DAI.