DXD Buyback Extension #9

tldr, this proposal extends the Buyback program for 107 ETH under the conditions approved in the same conditions as previous buybacks. This would deplete the buyback reserve. This proposal sends 107 ETH to the multi-chain multisig via the correct ETH Relayer contract


The DXD Buyback Program was launched in May of 2021 and has purchased 14,654 DXD, with 3,659 DXD purchased by the general treasury and 10,995 DXD purchased from the Buyback Reserve.

There has been discussion on next steps for the program. While these discussing are still ongoing, this extension would allow for the program to continue. Once the 107 WETH is depleted, the DXD acquired through the Buyback Reserve may be burned


This proposal sends 107 ETH to the ETH Relayer Contract, identified as 0x3e99bEd13071176fE06b317b33e2dcd1E1c9f2BE, to be relayed to the multi-chain multisig, identified as 0x9467dcFD4519287e3878C018c02f5670465a9003 where it will be wrapped and bridged over to Gnosis Chain and deposited into the GP Relayer, identified as 0xA369a0b81ee984a470EA0acf41EF9DdcDB5f7B46

Risks & Considerations

The same risks as previous proposals. Gnosis Chain is a sidechain with less security compared to Ethereum mainnet. Execution relies on a bridge as well as a multi-sig, who’s signatories have been identified as REP holders.