DXD Biweekly Trade Volume Update

Some updates on DXD trade volume and buyback. You can download the full data here. See last week’s DXD Biweekly update

The average 3 month ADTV decreased 2.8% from the last update to $134,145 estimated volume a day. On-chain volume over last two weeks averaged $66k a day.

Over the last two weeks DXD on-chain volume was split between:

  • Swapr (mainnet):11%
  • Swapr (Arbitrum): 37.3%
  • Swapr (GC) : 28.6%
  • Balancer 80/20 (mainnet): 9.9%
  • On-chain extra: 9.7%

There was a large decrease in Arbitrum’s market share of DXD volume, down from 56% over the previous two week reporting period.