DXD Biweekly Trade Volume - May 9

Some updates on DXD trade volume and buyback. Apologies for the delay. You can download the full data here. See the previous DXD Biweekly update from 4 weeks ago

The average 3 month ADTV decreased 33% since the last update to just $89k average a day. On-chain volume over last two weeks averaged just $30k a day

Note this is the first data we have since DXD/WETH fee was raised on Gnosis Chain. This did lead to a lower volume market share on Gnosis Chain Swapr, but still to be determined if it’s noise or due to the fee increase.

It’s also noticeable that there were several large exits from the Balancer 80/20 pool on Mainnet 4-6 weeks ago.

There was a large decrease in Arbitrum’s market share of DXD volume, down from 56% over the previous two week reporting period.