DXD Biweekly Trade Volume - June 17


Some updates on DXD trade volume and buyback. You can download the full data here . See the previous DXD Biweekly update from 2 weeks ago

The average 3 month ADTV continued to decline, tumbling 23% to $54k, down from a $71k 3 month average 2 weeks ago. Part of this is attributable to the overall market decline and the volume drop along with it. And then in the past, there are some very high volume days ($200-250k) sprinkled into DXD trade volume, but those have pretty much dried up.

The volume breakdown has changed a little, but still spread out amongst Swapr’s three chains.

On the DXD buyback front, the decline in ADTV has led to small purchase sizes, and the overall market decline has led to a lower USD price for DXD, but higher when compared to ETH. There have been some issues recently with proposal submissions, but buybacks are still continuing.

Check the Google Sheet for more info


Just a heads up - the link to the IPFS file makes me download a zip file, normally it links to a sheets file?

Also we can use the following gateway: https://dxgov.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/Qmc7VT7hxVfHUibLzKrdBHd1FLay2rPa3xdTLuGjag83wD

EDIT: looks like the file suffix is lost somehow, by adding .xlsx to the end of the file I manged to open it.