DXColombia Contributor Stipend

2022 marks the return of Devcon to the Ethereum community. Devcon is an annual conference for all Ethereum developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers held by the Ethereum Foundation. This year, Devcon week will be located in Bogotá, Colombia from October 7-16, 2022. Devcon will take place on October 11-14th.

We encourage all DXdao contributors to attend Devcon as conferences have proven to be an excellent way for DXdao to gain exposure through networking and making new connections within the Ethereum community. Participation in these conferences is also highly beneficial for our contributors as a form of training and development.

In addition, with all of our contributors gathered in Bogotá, this will be an ideal time for us to hold our annual DXRetreat. More details around a proposed 2022 DXRetreat will be submitted in a forum post at a later date. A recap of last year’s DXRetreat in Lisbon can be found here.

Below outlines details of a stipend for DXdao’s contributors who will be participating in DXColombia.

Devcon week: October 7 - 16
Travel: October 17 (Bogotá → Cartagena)
DXRetreat: October 18 - 22

Daily stipend - $75 (Up to 15 days)

Transportation to Bogotá - $1000 N. America/S. America or $1200 Europe

Transportation to Cartagena - $100

Accommodation - Up to $230 per night (Accommodation covered: Oct 7-17)

Mandatory Covid-19 testing - $100

Devcon Ticket - Cost TBD

Travel visa Cost - All costs covered (If applicable)

*All costs over the above proposed stipend amounts must be cleared through the ContributorX squad

Claiming Funds

Contributors will be able to claim these funds on either network (Mainnet or Gnosis chain) as part of their contributor proposal or as a standalone proposal.

This is a draft proposal of the DXColombia stipend. It would be great to have some feedback from the DXdao community - if there are any suggestions or oppositions to the proposed stipend amounts please share.


I would suggest slightly upping to the Transportation to Cartagena stipend. Booking now - 5 months in advance, the prices are $150-200 return Bogota to Cartagena.

Google flights shows some at $35 return - but try actually booking one. It’ll say “sorry the price has changed to 160”.


Thanks for researching this further @dlabs. I will adjust the proposed retreat flight to $250 on the on-chain proposal