DXbiz Review & 2022 Outlook (Presentation slides)

On Friday, February 4th, 2022, the DXbiz Squad presented a Review and 2022 Outlook on the DXdao Product Strategy Weekly call.

The video presentation can be found here: DXproduct Strategy Call [2022-02-04] w/ presentations on DXbiz and DXtreasury - YouTube

This forum post is to give a detailed recap for the community.

It’s important look back at 2021 and review how DXbiz squad has progressed over the past year.

The next set of slides will summarize some of the key opportunities that DXbiz squad has helped DXdao capitalize on, explore, and connect with.

DXventures has turned from an idea to an initiative taking strong action to accomplish its goals.

When reviewing the past year, it seems very appropriate to look at all opportunities that have been explored by DXdao, those that have happened and also that those that didn’t happen (for varying reasons). By analyzing past mistakes and/or missed opportunities, DXdao can learn from these lessons and ideally plan to be better positioned in the future.

As DXdao learns to scale itself, its products and its squads, DXbiz is well positioned to scale alongside as needed.

The DXbiz squad meets each week and often spends time thinking about important high level analysis of DXdao and how it works. The following slides are included to share a high level perspective on how proper DAO development compares to traditional entities and why there are important thoughts to keep in mind as we move through this journey.

We end the presentation with a 2022 Outlook and what we can hope to see from DXdao and the DXbiz Squad.

Thanks. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask or share here.