Draft worker proposal v2 - luzzifoss

Worker proposal - 05/10/2020 to 23/10/2020 - luzzifoss

From 05/10/2020 to 16/10/2020, 10 working days.

Product management for Rails.
Rails v1 has seen its first iteration released. It will be my priority to act upon any feedback received and resolve any errors the could eventually arise from the product’s usage.
I’d also like to start working on a v2, with some interesting features and a redeisgn to accommodate such features (the current UI is not really that flexible).
As a secondary (but not as far as priority is concerned) project, I’d like to get my hands dirty on DXswap. I recently looked a bit into the dapp’s code while partially syncing it with the Uniswap’s upstream, and I’d like to work on it more (for example, I’ve been asked to implement DXdao’s token list fetching in the SDK and integrate it in the frontend). Zett also provided a first version of a redesign, so I see that as a possible progression of my work (to actually implement the redesigned version).

Having read the DxDAO compensation guidelines, I think considering myself at a level 4 experience would be appropriate.
As far as time commitment goes, having a full time job, I’d be able to guarantee working for the DAO 3 hours per working day (which would make up 30 total hours of work in the specified time period). A full-time developer on level 4 experience earns 7k USD/month worth of Ether + 4k USD worth of DXD, so after doing the math I should be able to get approximately 1312,5 USD worth of Ether and 750 USD worth of DXD, which is what I’m ultimately asking for.
I’d like the sum to be paid half on the fifth day of work (half of the agreed upon period, so October 9th) and the remaining half at the end of the period.
For anyone asking themselves why such a short-time commitment, it’s because from October 23rd I’ll finally start working full-time for the DXdao (damn excited about that), so this proposal is just to “fill the gap” until then.

I’ve worked 4 years as a full stack developer in my full-time job, plus various side-projects in my spare time which anyone can consult on my GitHub page here . Won the Loopring Pay UI’s bounty to develop a new UI for the Loopring Pay protocol (which is now Rails) and won the Gnosis Fork the World Hackathon with an Aragon app trying to improve Aragon-based DAOs’ decision-making process through the use of prediction markets.
Previously worked for the DAO to ship Rails v1, which is now live.