[Draft] Worker Proposal Payout - Adam Azad - March 2021


The has been submitted to Alchemy


This proposal requests a Worker Payment for March 2021. This is the third and last proposal for Q1 2021. See the original post Worker proposal.



My name is Adam. A Full Stack Engineer with 4 years of experience. I have worked remotely with studios from Canada, Europe, and SE Asia.

My involvement in crypto goes back to 2012 when I accumulated my first Bitcoin through a platform, named CoinUrl, that paid for placing ads on the website in Bitcoin. I used CoinUrl on my first online startup. In mid-2017, I started mining Ethereum with one AMD RX 480 at my university. I then scaled it to a fleet of 19 GPUs.

I also am active in DeFi as an investor and builder and getting my hands dirty with Solidity. :blush:

I bring experience from my software development and passion for working in the DeFi and blockchain space. It is my secret ingredient (don’t tell others my secret )

You will find my past work/projects at https://adamazad.com/work and https://github.com/adamazad. I am also working on Kryptobase which is a mobile app to buy crypto in Iraqi Kurdistan. We plan to use an AMM (supposedly Uniswap or Swapr) under the hood and submit orders on behalf of our users.


An up-to-date version is available at https://adamazad.com/resume


  • Did well
    • I become more engaged in the Mesa weekly calls: I hosted one.
    • Presented in one about MesaJS on March 10th.
    • Got a better grasp of the smart contract architecture. I can confidently say that I understand how the pieces are glued together.
  • Did Okay
    • Subgraph v2 was a much better iteration than v1, but still, there are some improvements that under the way as of writing this proposal - May 18th, 2021
  • Needs serious improvement
    • The MVP is late for obvious reasons, but
    • everyone, including me, should take responsibility for this and address how we can move forward to deliver it ASAP.
    • I’m late on this proposal along with Q2 2021 proposals. (Thank you @Melanie for the kind reminders about how late I am :slight_smile:)

March Contributions

  • Mesa SDK
    • Proposed the product to enrich the Mesa ecosystem. This was presented on Mesa’s weekly call for March 10th, 2021. See presentation on Google Slides.
  • Mesa Interface (very little work here)
    • Reviewed PRs from Lee and Hamza
  • Mesa Subgraph v2 (most works was here)
    • Some improvements and bug fixes
  • Other GitHub contributions for March


Start date: Mar 1st, 2021

End date: Mar 31st, 2021

Total: 1 month

Hours: 40/week.


One month pay, 80% rate

  • Level 3

  • Full-time: 40 hours/week

  • DAI: $4,800 (80% of $6,000)

  • DXD: $3,200 (80% of $4,000):

    • $1,600 (DXD) vested after a 1-year cliff, and

    • the remaining $1,600 (DXD) after the first year on a linear schedule.

  • REP: 0.13336% (80% of 0.1667%)