[Draft] Worker Proposal, Adam Azad - Q1 2021


This proposal is stale as of April 8th, 2021. It’s been broken down into three proposals - gas is cheap, see my profile to read them.


This proposal has been way overdue, evident by the many reminders from Martin. I finished my Trial Period with the Mesa squad. This will be the proposal that I shall submit to Alchemy in accordance with the new DXdao Contributor Guidelines. This proposal has two segments: trial proposal and worker. To save on gas, once this clears DAOtalk, I will submit a proposal requesting 1.5 months payments; 14 days trial, and 1-month work.


My name is Adam. A Full Stack Engineer with 4 years of experience. I have worked remotely with studios from Canada, Europe, and SE Asia.

My involvement in crypto goes back to 2012 when I accumulated my first Bitcoin through a platform, named CoinUrl, that paid for placing ads on the website in Bitcoin. I used CoinUrl on my first online startup. In mid-2017, I started mining Ethereum with one AMD RX 480 at my university. I then scaled it to a fleet of 19 GPUs.

I also am active in DeFi as an investor and builder and getting my hands dirty with Solidity. :blush:

I bring experience from my software development and passion for working in the DeFi and blockchain space. It is my secret ingredient (don’t tell others my secret )

You will find my past work/projects at https://adamazad.com/work and https://github.com/adamazad. I am also working on Kryptobase which is a mobile app to buy crypto in Iraqi Kurdistan. We plan to use an AMM (supposedly Uniswap or Swapr) under the hood and submit orders on behalf of our users.


An up-to-date version is available at https://adamazad.com/resume

Trial Objectives

The first call was with Martin Krung, in which he introduced Mesa, its history, and the next vision for Mesa for Q1-Q2 2021. As it stands, Mesa’s brand is to be used as a new IDO platform. Mesa will use gnosis/ido-contracts, provided that both DXdao and Gnosis come to a cooperative agreement. Otherwise, Nico will write the contracts from scratch.

Mesa Prototype

Given that the trial is only 2 weeks, and the product roadmap Martin laid out in Mesa Schedule, we will only focus on delivering an MVP prototype frontend.


Over the 2 weeks course work

  1. Convert the Figma wireframe sketch into a React SPA.

  2. Support for i18n: only English for the time being.

  3. Create bid data simulation to feed to the chart.

    1. Create a simulated auction with view.
  4. Develop an algorithm to sort the bids, determine the virtual or settlement price for users in real-time.

  5. Layout the foundations for implementing a subgraph (debatable?)

    1. Implement The Graph for calculating the settlement price.
  6. Add Wallet Connect *

* The prototype will use mock data. This might be overkill for now.

Two-Months objectives

The prototype/demo was delivered, even though the chart still confusing for users. Now the focus is on the MVP and the first IDO by end of March or early Q2 of 2021. Hence, I will work closely with the Mesa team to deliver the MVP.

Mesa Subgraph

A subgraph is the reading endpoint for the mesa-smart contracts. The workplace is https://github.com/cryptonative-ch/mesa-subgraph

Mesa Frontend MVP

Moving away from the prototype, the MVP is set to launch by end of March. I will be working with the FE team to deliver Bertie’s design. The workplace is https://github.com/cryptonative-ch/mesa-interface


Trial period, 2 weeks

Start date: Jan 13th, 2021

End date: Jan 27th, 2021

Total: 14 days.

Hours: 40/week

Following Two Months

Start date: Jan 28th, 2021

End date: Mar 28th, 2021

Total: 2 months

Hours: 40/week.


Trial period, 2 weeks, 50% rate

  • Level 3

  • Full-time: 40 hours/week

  • DAI: $1,500 (25% of $6,000)

  • DXD: $1,000 (25% of $4,000):

    • $500 (DXD) vested after a 1-year cliff, and

    • the remaining $500 (DXD) after the first year on a linear schedule.

  • REP: 0.041675% (25% of 0.1667%)

Following 2 months pay, 80% rate

  • Level 3

  • Full-time: 40 hours/week

  • DAI: $4,800 (80% of $6,000)

  • DXD: $3,200 (80% of $4,000):

    • $1,600 (DXD) vested after a 1-year cliff, and

    • the remaining $1,600 (DXD) after the first year on a linear schedule.

  • REP: 0.13336% (80% of 0.1667%)

Pay will be distributed in 2 proposals to save gas.

Proposal #1

Combines 14-day trial and the first month payment.

Proposal #2

Regular payment request for one month as per the Worker Guideline at 80% rate as it falls in the first 2.5-month work timeframe.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Adam is an important part of the mesa team and his work by bootstraping the prototype helped us to get the ball rolling. His structured approach will help the growing mesa team to establish working standards and processes to get a high-quality IDO product.

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