Draft Worker Proposal 12/20-01/21 - Kaden Zipfel

Two months - December 2020 & January 2021

I will continue to focus primarily Omen development, along with participating in governance and being ready and willing to contribute to front-end and smart contract development for other DXdao projects.

During this work period, I will focus on:

Playing a leadership role in Omen development, which will include supporting other Omen developers, @devviolet and @hexyls as well as assisting @geronimo in making and executing decisions related to product management and helping to onboard new developers.

Being more attentive and active in governance discussions as I often find myself not entirely aware of ongoing discussion, leaving my opinions and ideas under-explored.

Previously I’ve requested compensation at an experience level of 3.5 according to the Workers Compensation Guidelines.

As a result of positive community feedback, I am now requesting compensation at an experience level of 4 because of the leadership role I’ve taken on in Omen development.

Past work:

Currently working on building scalar markets, in which progress can be seen here: https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/tree/scalar-markets along with the following draft pull requests: https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/pull/1356 https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/pull/1385 https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/pull/1384

I’ve also been carefully searching for, and ameliorating bugs and inefficiencies by reviewing all new pull requests made on both the subgraph and front-end repos and thoroughly testing development versions of the application.

For concrete data, you can see my past commits and PR’s here:
- https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/commits?author=KadenZipfel
- https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3AKadenZipfel+
- https://github.com/protofire/omen-subgraph/commits?author=KadenZipfel
- https://github.com/protofire/omen-subgraph/pulls?q=+is%3Apr+author%3AKadenZipfel+


You have joined the Omen team five months ago and quickly became a core developer as you proved to have a broader understanding of the technologies used in Omen (conditional token framework, Gnosis Proxy Kit, the Subgraph) and are able to develop and execute mostly without additional guidance needed.

I strongly support your interest in more actively participating in governance and your experience level increase from 3.5 to 4.(It´s about time!)


It has been pleasure working with Kaden! He was very friendly and supportive with every problem and issue I had! Along with valuable feedback on all my shitty code :smiley: Definitely level 4!


Kaden is the driving force of development on Omen and is always ready to help everyone on the team, definitely support the bump to level 4!