[Draft Proposal] Worker Proposal - June & July (2021) - Venky

Venky - May payment proposal, June and July worker proposal

Responsibilities and work performed (May)

I spent all of my time testing various releases towards swapr.dev and giving a lot of feedback for Federico to fix and improve upon.

On the contracts side, tested the farming contracts, its functions a few number of times, tested the upgradeability of contracts.

On the dapp side of Swapr, I was testing the changes related to gas Optimisation, token lists update and getting Swapr Beta release ready.

Started working on a Dune analytics dashboard and I would really love some help from the community or even have the DAO give a bounty to some Dune freelancers to get good dashboards for us.

Compensation for May

I think I have been able to live upto the 25 hours a week commitment this time, so as per the contributor spreadsheet, this is what I would request as payment.

Reflections from May

It was a very busy month for Swapr and for myself that I was not able to focus on anything else other than the functional and usability tests.

Even though I mentioned that I didnt want to be involved with Contracts testing in my worker proposal because of my lack of knowledge, I spent considerable amount of time getting to understand how the contracts work and how each of the functions work from John and Federico and got to create user scenarios around it for testing.

I started working with Dune analytics and found that it is exhausting and time consuming for me to be doing this myself.

Worker proposal for June and July

For the month of June and July, I would want to continue working with the 25 hour work week and would be taking a few weeks off in July. (I dont know which weeks yet but will let the Swapr team know about it atleast a few weeks in advance)

I would be engaged in the following:

  • Functional testing of the upcoming Swapr releases
  • SWPR token
  • Conditional farming token implementation

I would also like to include some automation tests for the dapp. Its getting bigger in scope and would love to see some basic scenarios automated.

Compensation for June and July

July is a month of vacation and closed schools, so I am not sure which weeks I will work for the committed time, but I am guessing I will be away for 2 to 3 weeks in July, dates not known yet. I will ask for payment for the time that I had worked for.

I would like to get paid as per the spreadsheet calculation below

$4375 each month done through two xDai proposals once the month ends.
5.98 DXD each month, priced at Coingecko ATH vested for 2 years with a one year cliff.
0.104% REP each month.

Previous worker proposals:


Venky has been really helpful for Swapr Squad.
Thanks for your contributions Venky. You are the Champ