[Draft Proposal] Worker Proposal 11/23-12/22 - altpl

One month, from November 23th, 2020 to December 22th, 2020.

My primary responsibility will continue to be front-end development on Omen.

I will also be ready and willing to contribute on other DXdao projects and responsibilities including, but not limited to:


Based on the latest compensation guidelines (https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmTLSa4uyKJ71G1GViysJLVoawqPcHZ8L6B9eZjuMeM8ok), I am at experience level 5.
It’s my third month, so compensation level is 100%.

  • $8000 USD paid in ETH. 50% paid once the proposal is approved ($4000), and the remaining 50% paid after the work agreement has been completed on December 22th, 2020 ($4000).
  • $6000 in DXD. According to the worker guidelines, the DXD will vest over 2 years with a 1 year cliff.
  • 2102 REP (~0.16667%) issued with the final payment on December 22th, 2020.




@altpl can you share a list of all the PRs and issues you have completed so far in this past two months?

@AugustoL can’t list the links of PRs and issues as it takes some time.
Instead, pls use the following links to see the lists of all the PRs and issues.



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