[Draft Proposal] Request for worker compensation 07/20 - KadenZipfel

I am requesting payment for development work last month (07/20). Please see my last proposal for details.

  • $1,250 USD paid in ETH on passing of this proposal.
  • 2062 REP (~0.16667%) on passing of this proposal.

In addition, I’m requesting payment for extra hours I’ve spent working (20.5hrs). This is at the same rate as my current monthly payment: $2500/month / (30hrs/wk * 4wks) = $20.83/hr. Given the same rate, I’m requesting $427 (20.5hrs * 20.83/hr) for extra hours worked.

Finally, I’m also requesting compensation for gas costs spent on testing, which is a total of ~0.11 ETH.

Total requested compensation: $1677 in ETH + 0.11 ETH.