[Draft Proposal] Funds to support Wimel and Fredy meetup and workshop during Bilbao Tech Week


This proposal is intended to signal community support to cover transport expenses derived from two different events that will take place in north of Spain.

Wimel and Fredy, named community members and heads in front of DelegaNetworks and DragonStake and part of ColmenaLabs_svq have been invited to the Bilbao Tech Week event and Donostia.

We will be presenting 2 days. Friday november the 8th and Saturday the 9th. Both events have been coordinated with local people from the blockchain scene. Around 15-20 people will be attending each of the workshop.

The event encompasses a general talk about Proof of Stake technology based on Polkadot and a workshop focused on Polkadot Substrate.

We are only asking to cover transport expenses in the form of flyght tickets and car rent. Rooms and other kind of expenses are already covered by the organization and by ourself. Hours of work and the presentation itself is offered voluntarily.

Budget & Responsibilities

Total Budget = 410 DAI + 100 REP
Estimated Delivery = 1 week after the proposal passes

  • Flight tickets: Description: Tickets for 2 persons going from Seville to Bilbao and return. Seville (SVQ) - Bilbao (BIO)
    Deliverables: Tickets payment invoice, Pictures in the forum, We will post it on Twitter with a mention of PolkaDAO helping funding the trip to the event
    Lead: Wimel, Fredy
    Budget: 279,96 €
  • Rent a Car: Description: Bilbao to Donostia round trip using a rented car
    Deliverables: Renting invoice
    Lead: Wimel, Fredy
    Budget breakdown: 45 €/day x 2 days Total Budget: 90 €

Final note

If there is any funds left after everything is delivered, we will simply send it back to the wallet of PolkaDAO.


Feel free to contact us on RRSS:




The proposal is now active https://alchemy.daostack.io/dao/0x440583455bcd85ab2bd429c015d3aabcae135f0a/proposal/0x7c86134d3b2ded4d27f9629e411134a70a7695648dfc2b254bf4d9aee05c1587

EDIT: a 2nd proposal was submitted because the 1st one was missing the 410 DAI supposedly requested https://alchemy.daostack.io/dao/0x440583455bcd85ab2bd429c015d3aabcae135f0a/proposal/0x49245d9ff28b0c21e012339274f04508fb044fd34a3555fd08e5476d98930527

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We finally accomplished the whole plan as expected.
Spite of the weather ( worst days of the year ) some public attended our presentations and we were able to talk about Polkadot and PolkaDAO as we promised.

You could find some pictures on our twitter accounts.

We would like to use this thread to submit the deliverables. Basically we are submitting flight and car invoices. The total expenses overpassed the claimed amount, so there is nothing to give back to PolkaDAO wallet.


  • Flight: . . . . . . $307,96
  • Car Rental: . . $107,70
  • Total: . . . . . . .$415,66

Other expenses not included:
Gasoline and Tolls: . . . $73,07

We have blurred some info for obvious reasons. The originals are available for any authority that could ever need them.


For those wondering, here are the pics the guys tweeted