[Draft Proposal] Auto-Redeem tool Reimbursement & Compensation

Until this morning, LockToken4Reputation which was one of four connections for bootstrapping dxDao still contained approximately $72000 in locked tokens.

I wrote and ran an auto-redeem tool to release the 97 lockers in two contracts (1) (2) to release these funds back to their owners. Now that the contracts are empty, the final scheme can be removed as in the remove scheme proposal here.

This proposal is to request gas reimbursement for the 97 transactions and compensation for work completed. If approved, it would have the following effects:
0.9 ETH => Ethereal (0.6 ETH for 4 hours of work, 0.3 ETH for gas)
0.1% REP => Ethereal


Thanks a lot for helping out @ethereal to finally close this important period of the Dxdao. With the removal of the last bootstrapping contract which allowed the distribution of REP for locking Ether we reduce unused connections which increase the simplicity and security of the DXdao on-chain system.


I included the hours worked in the proposal. Since everything seems ok, I’ve published the proposal on alchemy.

It was a fun tool to work on! Excited to officially become a REP holder and voter.


You are doing great!