[DRAFT] Levotiate Contributor Proposal 23/04/2021 to 23/06/2021


Hi, this is the worker proposal for Levotiate. I am a full-stack developer based in the UK. I am currently working as a Front End developer on Aqua.

I am submitting the second half of my original proposal


I have completed my first two months working within DXDao, post-trial.

23/04/2021 to 23/06/2021

I had taken two days off for religious celebrations which takes the allotted time off down to 10 days left.

Reflections from this period

What I did well:

  • Completed my objectives within the frontend

What I did Okay:

  • I believe that my code quality is improving as my PRs are receiving fewer and fewer comments but I still have ways to improve on this. I have learned a lot during the past two months and I still have ways to go moving forward.

What I did not do well:

  • I sometimes end up working within a silo as that is generally my preferred working style. I will improve on this by communicating much more often than I believe is necessary.

Work Completed here:


Experience Level: 1

Time commitment: Full-time

$8000 DAI: For 2 months of work at level 1, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

$4000 DXD: Vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff starting the 23/04/2021

0.3334% REP: for 2 months of work, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

Work Experience:


Hi, Hamza! You are integral to the team and your contributions have been of great help. You’ve shown that the more you’ve been trusted, the better you perform. Thanks for learning and persisting. :ok_hand:


I have not been around for all of Hamza’s proposal time here. But from the last month I can easily say that you are a great frontend developer and amazing at working as part of a team. It’s also very clear that you genuinely want to learn and improve your skills.


I have only been working with Hamza for a month or so, but he’s been bringing a lot of value to the team as a front-end developer. He’s been a great team player as well, and has been very open to feedback. Kudos for the great work!


REP holders can vote on the above proposal here: Alchemy | DAOstack