[DRAFT] DXEvents

As DXdao grows, there should be an effort to ensure a sense of community among collaborators - particularly given that we’re 100% remote. Below is a proposition by myself and @Melanie in regards to taking a first step towards building such a community.

The world is also slowly reopening, allowing us to finally be able to travel to events and conferences again. This raises the question of how to manage such events and facilitate contributors to attend.


First of all, I’ll refrain from referencing the latest Harvard Business Review article about how company retreats are essential for a company’s future - because this isn’t LinkedIn. But let’s face it, putting a face behind an online handle is nice. Personally speaking I’m very excited to meet dxers - as I only know 4 in real life (and I believe that already ranks me towards the top of who knows who irl).

DXdao should aim to do at least one “contributor retreat” a year. I believe the most logical event to work around is Devcon - many of us already attend and overall it’s an awesome event to attend. For such an event, it likely makes sense to pass a separate signal proposal for each DXRetreat, as location and number of members attending will highly influence how to plan and execute such a retreat.


Moreover, contributors should also be encouraged to attend events on behalf of DXdao through-out the year and to meet each other in-person.

We likely want to avoid introducing the whole bureaucracy around having to keep track of invoices and expenses and then reclaim them from DXdao. For this, I suggest DXdao provides a stipend to contributors travelling to events.

DXdao could cover the ticket price for conferences and then provide a stipend which contributors can use as they see fit. It’s hard to set an amount which will be perfectly tuned to every city and event. However, crypto events tend to take place in major cities around the world - where costs are already in a similar range.

Typical costs incurred travelling:

  • Transportation
  • Accomodation
  • F&B

I would suggest a stipend along the following lines:

Base transportation stipend of $500 (airfare / train / visa / covid test)

Daily event stipend of $250 to cover accommodation, F&B and day to day transportation

If we look at the proposition above in practical terms, a stipend to attend EthCC would be as follows:

$500 + 3x$250 = $1250 ~(€1000)

By setting a rate per day of the event, we also allow contributors to choose on their own if they want to arrive a day earlier / leave a day later. And contributors can pool their money together if they wish to do so, to rent a larger shared house.

Please note that this is just a draft. It would be great to have some feedback from the community - should DXdao incentivise contributors to attend industry events? What do you think about the proposed stipend amounts?