[DRAFT] Adam Azad - Retroactive Contributor Proposal June 1st - July 31st 2021 (late)


This Contributor Proposal was to be posted soon after the expiration of the Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021.

Unlike previous proposals, this one remarks my transition from full-time to part-time for some personal reasons. It is temporary, I am coming full-time in the next few months. My hours are capped at 60% of 40; 24 hours per week.

Because this proposal is retroactive late, I am happy to take a penalty if deemed necessary.


Please refer to the Background section of Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021

Timeframe and Scope


June 1st to July 31st 2021

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Responsibilities:
    • Contribute to mesa-interface, but focus on pushing the smart contacts changes and reflect them in subgraph.
    • Help @nico with smart contract bug fixes and testing.
    • contracts and integration. In May, I shall go back to coding on the frontend.
    • Focus on the subgraph updates with the new release of Mesa smart contracts.
    • Coordinate the delivery of the MVP with Martin Krung.
    • Write developer and contribution documents for the Mesa ecosystem. We have 5+ active repos on GitHub.
    • Integrate the contracts on the frontend.
    • Review and submit general improvements to the contracts.


  • Did well
    • Helped onboard Daniel - presentation (old version) - to help with the subgraph development.
    • Continue being active with the software development cycle although I could not attend the daily standups.
    • Started contributing to Mesa Aqua contracts. I plan to shift focus to contracts - I found there is room to improve the architecture - I am keeping a journal about it. I have some initiatives for Aqua shared with @johnkelleher and @arhat.
  • Did okay
    • Participated in EthCC and the DAOist. Read my comments and views here concerning the future of DAOs and opportunities for DXdao in the space.
  • Improve on
    • Time management when working part-time.
    • Better communication between me and the rest of the Aqua team now that I am kind of asynchronous. I cannot attend the dailys due to conflict, but I am always available via Keybase.
    • Time tracking for transparency.


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Time commitment: Part-time 50-60%; capped it at 50%.
  • 7,000 DAI: For 2 months of work at level 4 to be paid in one retroactive payout proposal.
  • 9.56 DXD: Vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff starting June 1st, 2021. 9.56 DXD per month.
  • 2606.6 REP: For 2 months of work, to be paid in one retroactive payout proposal.

In addition, I will be claiming my stipend for DXEvents - EthCC [4] in this proposal

  • Total: $1,250
    • $500 (travel stipend) + $250*3 (daily stipend) = $1250

Proof of work on GitHub

Note: Commits in open PR won’t show inactivity graph until merged into default branch on GitHub :slight_smile:

Work Experience


Make sure to claim your $1250 ETHcc stipend if you haven’t done so already!


Amended the proposal. Thanks for the reminder, Dave!

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:thinking: 80% or 60% ? :slight_smile:

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Fixed it! Thanks, Venky!

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